Book Excerpts Regarding Interesting McCormicks

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History of the Lower Shenandoah Valley Counties of Frederick, Berkeley, Jefferson and Clarke

                Title Page     Page 627   Page 628     Page 629     Page 630    Page 631

Some Virginia Families

                Title Page & Preface 1            Preface 1 and Page 221          Pages 222 & 223

                Pages 224 & 225              Pages  226 & 227

Introduction of Methodism to the Old Northwest: Francis McCormick Jr

            Pg83    Pg84    Pg85    Pg86    Pg87    Tombstone   Historical Marker     Salem Methodist Church  Rebecca’s Marker

History of Fayette Pennsylvania

            Title Page    Pg 368    Pg 369    Pg 370

History of Fayette County Indiana

            Title Page        Pg401  Pg602  Pg603  Pg604   Modern block mentioned on page 401  Church on site


            Virginia 1777              Virginia 1793              Ohio 1805