Civil War Documents

From the History of Harrison County Missouri:  "Company E, Third Cavalry, Missouri State Militia, was organized April, 1862, with Captain Charles B. McAfee in command. Colonel Walter A. King commanded the Third Cavalry, and the principal duty performed was operating against guerrillas and bushwhackers, and preserving the peace in various counties of the state."  The 3rd MSM merged into the 6th MSM in February 1863, and, although Isam was gone, his name was carried forward.

Muster-in card, with age and where enlisted.  Originally, Col. Nevill's Battalion Company C, but later Company E. 3rd Missouri State Militia Cavalry 1st Organization. Horse valued at $75. Mustered in Apr.4, 1862.

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Muster roll for April 30th 1862, indicates Isam was on detached duty mounted.

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Muster roll for May & June 1862, indicating Isam is using his own horse and equipments

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Muster roll for July & August 1862, indicating Isam was sick at Springfield, Missouri, and he had pay due.

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Muster Rolls for Sept. through Dec. 1862, indicating AWOL since Oct. 1, 1862.

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Burials at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery listing and I. H. McCormick who died Dec. 17, 1862, in St. Louis, and disinterred and reburied at JBNC.  It indicates Iowa 24th, but muster rolls has only a James McCormick and he was alive after the war.

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