Possible Civil War

to Isham
Born 1860 1870 Notes
McCormick, Robert father OH  1804 Deer Ridge, Lewis Co, MO Winchester, MO  
McCormick, John L. brother MO 1843 Deer Ridge, Lewis Co, MO Winchester, MO 2nd N. E. Missouri Home Guards
McCormick, James W. brother Ind. 1838 Marshall Co, Iowa ?? Living with Bryan Willis Job family
Boyer, Rachel McCormick sister Ind. 1832 Van Buren Co. Iowa Van Buren Co. Iowa  
McCormick, David  Uncle Ind. 1811  Coffey ? Kansas Platt Co. Missouri  
McCormic, Joseph.C. cousin Ind. 1829 Lee County, Iowa Oregon Lee County Home Guards
McCormic, Matthew cousin Ind. 1817 Plymouth, KS Lola, Cherokee, KS  
McCormic, James M. 2nd cousin Iowa 1845 Plymouth, KS   11 Kansas Cavalry ?
McCormick, Wm H. cousin Ind. 1841 Oregon Oregon  
Cooper, Mary Job aunt Ind. 1827 Putnam Co. MO Oregon  
Cooper, Lavinia Job aunt Ind. 1810 Linn Co, MO Mercer Co. MO  
Cooper, Wm. I.- Grasen cousin Ind. 1840 Linn Co, MO   drafted 45th Regiment E.M.M. then 10th MO Cavalry Sept 1862,
Cooper, James Milton cousin MO 1843 Linn Co, MO   drafted 45th Regiment E.M.M.
Job, James C. uncle Ind. 1814 Lane, Oregon   note 1850: Dallas Co, MO
Jobes, John uncle Ind. 1823 Linn Co, MO    
Job, William uncle Ind. 1831 York, Putnam, MO    
Job, James Morrison cousin Ind. 1840 Pike Co., Ill Pike Co., Ill 99 IL US INF 
Starr, Rachel Job  Aunt Ind. 1810 Putnam Co. MO Putnam Co. MO  
Starr, Jesse cousin Ind. 1830 Putnam Co. MO Putnam Co. MO 45th Regiment E.M.M.
Starr, Thomas W. cousin Ind. 1845 Putnam Co. MO    
Starr, Wm B. cousin Ind. 1834 Putnam Co. MO Putnam Co. MO  
Williams, Elizabeth McCormick  Aunt OH 1800 Dallas Co. Iowa    
Williams, Ephraim  cousin Ind. 1823 Dallas Co. Iowa    
Williams, John T.  cousin Ind. 1832 Dallas Co. Iowa    
Williams, Enos  cousin Ind. 1826 Cass Co. Nebraska Terr    
to Eliza 
Conover, Leonodas  cousin ILL 1842 Adams Co, IL Adams Co, IL 21st MO Infantry Volunteers -deserted 7/24/1862 then 119 IL US INF aug 15 1862  REDUCED TO RANKS RETURNED TO 21 MO INF AS A DESERTER OCT 14, 1863 
Conover, Thaddeus cousin ILL 1842 Lima, Adams, IL Adams Co, IL 119 IL US INF  Oct 1862