McCormick Research Services


Public policy and planning, statistical analysis of data, data collection methodology, report writing, proposal and grant writing, consulting in data analysis, providing advice to others on statistical analysis of data. Mail surveys with less than 1000 mail-outs. Instrumentation reliability and validity analyses.

Contact:  Rod McCormick at 802-324-8445


Statistical Analyses:

All basic descriptive, graphical presentations, parametric and non-parametric analyses, cross tabulation, regression, multiple linear, curvilinear or logistic regression, cluster and factor analysis, kappa and Cronbach alpha reliabilities, multiple response and multidimensional scaling, Pareto analysis, Life chart analysis, Taylor linearization, stratified sampling designs, sample weighting.




Microsoft Office Word , Excel, Access, PowerPoint; SPSS, SUDAAN, MS-FrontPage

Pentium 3.06 GHz 24 Gigabyte, Turion 2.6 GHz computer, HP printers, Color Scanners, Recordable CD/DVD

Clients/Studies, 1978 - present:

 Vermont Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System survey

 Vermont  Adult Tobacco Survey

 Training and Research Institute, Inc. (NM) - Instrumentation Reliability & Validity Studies

 Outcomes, Inc - Mental Health Program Evaluation Profiles; and DOT Seatbelt Study

 Human Resources Institute, Inc. - Health Culture Audits for: Nautilus, MCHV, Union Pacific Railway

 NIMH Funded Study - Maine and Vermont Long Term Outcomes of Schizophrenia Patients

 Illinois Department of Corrections - Program Evaluation of Sex Offender Treatment Program

 National Institutes of Health - National Library of Medicine Users Survey

 National Institutes of Health - Survey of Grant Applicants: Career Outcomes

 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - Youth Risk Behaviors Survey 1997

 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - CLIA Regulation Awareness among Physicians

 Vermont Health Department - Mature Women Cancer Survey

 New York Health Department - Prostate Health Awareness Survey

 Connecticut Health Department - BRFSS and Cardiovascular Disease

 Pennsylvania Health Department - BRFSS Summary Report

 National Cancer Institute - ICIC IAP Users Survey

 National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration - Marine Fisheries Survey

 Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration - Facilities Survey

 Departments of Natural Resources for Vermont - Public Opinion Survey

 Forest Parks and Recreation for Vermont - Lakes and Ponds Users Survey

 Departments of Natural Resources for New Hampshire - Lake Access Needs Assessment

 Vermont Department of Vocational Rehabilitation - Client Satisfaction Survey

 MCI - Customer Satisfaction Survey

 Seagram - Advertising Impact Survey

 Kaiser-Permenente - Asthma Education Impact Study

 Ohio-JTPA - Client Satisfaction and Outcome Survey

 Corporation for National Service -AmeriCorps Administrators Survey

 National Education Association - Alabama Educators Survey

 ConnectiCare HMO - Client Satisfaction Survey

 Southern Illinois University - Handicapped Access Survey

 Jackson County Community Mental Health - Needs Assessment Surveys 1980, 1981.

 Galway Technologies - Correction Inmates Offenders Profiles


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