Serving in American Units During Revolutionary War                    
McCormick Side   
Francis McCormick 1734 VA great^5 grandfather  
John McCormick 1754 VA  great^4 grandfather  DAR  pdf of original  grave 
Francis McCormick Jr  1764 VA  great^4 granduncle  Book Chapter  Gravestone 
George McCormick 1742 great^5 granduncle 
Moses McCormick 1758 first cousin six times removed 
Joseph Yard Provance, born 1764 VA  First cousin 6 times removed    
Henry Straight, born 1763 RI  great^3 granduncle 
Joshua Straight, born 1758 RI  great^3 granduncle 
Jacob Krider born 1755 PA  great^4 granduncle  
William McCoy 1754 PA  From book on History of Fayette Co PA. great^5 grandfather  grave 
Frederick Royse 1750 PA great^5 granduncle brother-in-law to Wm McCoy  
George Bruce 1760 VA First cousin 7 times removed  
Samuel Job 1753 Pay Voucher Land Warrant.  great^5 grandfather  gravestone  
Alexander Reed, born 1748 in PA?; died Jul 1816 in Rockbridge, VA.  great^5 grandfather  
Absalom Littell, Private 1751 Continental.  great^5 grandfather  gravestone  

Benjamin Corsa DeCoursey Racer 1752 PA.  great^4 grandfather  

William DeCoursey 1756 NC great^4 granduncle 

Jesse Conover  NJ   abt 1765 great^5 granduncle 

William Drennen Pa  1762 great^4 granduncle (substitute for drafted father Samuel Drennen) 

James Drennen Pa  1752 great^5 granduncle (brother of Samuel Drennen) 

Thomas Drennen Pa  1755 great^5 granduncle (brother of Samuel Drennen) 


Vail Side
Lemuel Sargent born MA served NH/VT.   Story   great^5 grandfather  
James Ervin 1750 Maryland Line,  great^5 grandfather   
Benajah Stone 1758 CT.  great^4 grandfather Gravestone  
Nathan Chittenden b: 19 Oct 1757   2nd cousin 6 times removed  
Benjamin Chittenden  b: abt 1754  First cousin 7 times removed  
Asahel Hotchkiss 1760   great^4 granduncle    History of New Milford CT  
Col. Samuel Canfield 1726 CT great^5 granduncle  grave  And his sons Philo and Ithamar  
Williston West bef 1756 NY.  great^4 grandfather  
Benjamin Bosworth ~1754 MA great^5 grandfather  1840 Census  
Benjamin Bridge 1748 New Jersey great^5 grandfather  grave    
Lewis Dunham, born Bef. 1748 great^5 grandfather.  

George Hellyer 1754 PA. great^5 grandfather  

David Avery, b.MA, served MA, great^5 grandfather  

Solomon Vail, 1743 NJ served VA   2nd cousin 7 times removed 

Henry Vail 1754 NJ 2nd cousin 7 times removed  gravestone

Benjamin Scudder 1733 NY  great^7 grandfather  gravestone 

Capt.Matthias Potter  1741 NJ  great^6 grandfather Grave 

Benjamin Brookfield 1723 NJ  great^6 grandfather & sons Jacob Bookfield and Brown Brookfield   great^5 granduncles

        brother Jacob Brookfield 1722 NJ died in service Jan 2, 1782   

Lt. John Wheeler 1750 NC  great^5 grandfather  married Henry Clark's daughter Susannah 

Capt. Benjamin Clark 1757 NC/SC great^5 granduncle, Susannah Clark's sister, John Wheeler's Captain  
Col. Henry Clark 1732 NJ/NC great^6 grandfather  

Serving in King's Units During Revolutionary War
Vail Side
William Mills, great^6 grandfather
His obituary in an early Hendersonville newspaper in 1834 states:
"William Mills, son of Ambrose and Mourning Mills, immigrants to the U.S. from England; born on James River, Va., 
Nov. 19, 1746, moved to Wateree, S.C., where in 1763 he married Eleanor Morris; later moved to Green River, 
Rutherford County (Polk County);   a participant at King's Mountain, Cowpens and 
Ninety-Six (Tory participant); the first white man to cross the Blue Ridge into what is now Henderson 
County; moved to Buncombe County in 1788; died Nov. 10, 1834."